When love travel to places!

Masoom Minawala, Fashion blogger & CEO of an E-commerce brand Style Fiesta and Shailin is a diamond merchant from Belgium. Shailin had come to London all the way from Belgium to meet his ladylove and woo her in all possible ways.  


While the couple was exploring streets of London, one of Shailin’s friend sneaked in Masoom’s house and dropped in a beautiful orange dress with a note “Meet me in 15 mins. I am gonna take you somewhere special”. The moment she got all decked up, Shailin was waiting for her in the cab. They rode together and Masoom had no clue as to where is he taking her. And soon she saw the glimpse of the London Eye. She was smitten with the moment which was priceless for her. Just like the dreams getting true?


The couple  sat on the glass bubble and finally, when they were on the top of the wheel and  had this feeling that they have captured the beauty of the whole city in their eyes. Then shailin held her hands and asked  her to be his girlfriend. Kudos, to the thoughtful idea, indicating that masoom is his apple of the eye.


Masoom was on cloud 9. And this was not enough. This enchantment continued and he recreated the moment where their love story had began, right from London’s biggest landmark to Mumbai’s seaside walk.

This couple has broken all the stereotypes that long distance relationships don’t work and many couples end it saying it was complicated. Well, all we have to say is that it’s all about priority and loyalty. This couple has surely invested so much of time by all means if they couldn’t meet often.

Shailin didn’t visit mumbai much but whenever they got an opportunity then they would spend as much time as possible. One day, this lad took our blogger for a nice intimate lunch at a japanese restaurant. Post that shailin asked massom for a walk, in the sunniest weather. And frankly, he really had to convince her to get out  of the car.


Once they began with the walk, a caricature approached them and asked if he can sketch them. The romantic masoom agreed in no time because she knew it was all worth it. Once he was done, Masoom stepped up to him to see the beauty he has created and she is delighted with tears. Wondering why?


The caricature had sketched the scene from the London Eye where a girl is sitting on the bench and the boy is proposing her by kneeling down with a ring. She was so touched by reviving the good old memories and then he finally proposed her for marriage.



Wait, The story hasn’t ended yet! We have got the most euphonious start for the couple in this new phase of their life. “A violinist and a guitarist started playing Cheerleader (by OMI), which is our song, two steps away from me. I turned to look at the road and there were 6 cars with windows rolled down and phones hanging out with live Snapchats.”


Surely, This was an awww moment for our fashion blogger. Now the couple is officially engaged.


Picture Courtesy – Style Fiesta



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