While Indian wedding have always been a center for motichoor laddoos and rabris, the wedding cakes have made themselves quite an important part of the celebration. Well, this tradition was started way back in Rome where bread was broken over the brides head to bring fortune to the wedding. While wedding cakes have now been an integral part of this special celebration hence we understand that your wedding cake is important for you so we’ve got some amazing ideas on how you get your wedding cake customized just as special as your wedding.

Get creative with your cake topper, the bride and groom fondant statues have become too cliche.

Go a step ahead displays your wedding cake on a swing, which gives an illusion as if hanging. It could be in form of normal swing either chandelier or a wooden swing or one with the decoration.

If you are a couple who loves to go a little more quirky and funny with everything you do, go wild with a warning you’ll  have all to handle this after today or maybe just that saying your love story in your own quirky way!

Get your wedding cake customized to your wedding outfit.

Take your wedding cake to next level have a wedding with all your childhood Disney fairytales on your cake! A definite little girls fairytale wedding.

Have royal wedding cake just as royal as your wedding, so if you are planning an over extravagant wedding reflect just the same in your cake.

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