To new beginings

When the whole world stays busy engrossed in making a living, we sometimes forget to live. We often do not acknowledge what life we are living is only but a dream for someone else. The days we spend are the memories tomorrow but it seems that the pace at which the world is moving, anyone seldom has the time to reflect and think back and recollect moments or write them down so that later in life when you want those moments back, all you need to do is read and you will find yourself smiling and rejuvenated.

 The Bride story is not the most unique of projects. Today you can find millions of companies and websites focused on weddings or the bride. But the element that makes Bride Story different and unique is the fact that ‘we write to create memories’. Bride story is all about women and the beautiful inspiring stories, content, fashion and joys of being a bride. With a personal touch, with connections so strong you can narrate your romantic story with us to get featured in our website as well. And if any day you find yourself confused about what looks best on you, you can trust us. Not only do we make writing and reading interesting but you would not want to miss our one-stop Bride solution exhibitions. Yes !! you read it right, we bring to you the best selected exhibitors who have won hearts in Indian and western Bridal Couture with jewelers. So brides, if you are in a mess you do not need to stress because we are here to help you look the best in your big day !
We assure you, we will be your best friend who can prep you for the big day or either console you when you are nervous to walk the aisle.
 So join us in our journey, let us make memories, inspire each other, share love stories because only Love will make the world a better place.
Picture Credits: Dipak Studios

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