Something old and something borrowed

Your wedding is surely one thing of which you’ve been waiting for all your life. It’s a start to a new life, welcoming new members and exploring new things as you move to another phase of your life.

Well, for a bride it is very important to take various emotions, bonds from her family to another. Something which reminds her of all sweet memories of her childhood, how her daddy had pampered or brother teasing  all the time for being fat or talking to some guy.

We bring you various sentiments which you would surely want to carry on your D-Day

With Indian traditions, a bride has to cover during pheras. So, the bride can borrow a lovely white pashmina shawl from her mother’s wardrobe. It can be trimmed with cream fur balls which looked like snow balls – so it will work well for your snowy winter wedding.

If your mother is not with you on your special day then put the same hairpin on your stylish hairdo and carry her legacy.


Whenever your mother opened that trunk which had all her special and the most favorite things. Then we are sure, her wedding lehenga must have been your favorite pick too! So, if you want to give a vintage and classy look then you can of course borrow her lehenga and maybe, customize a little with latest trends. It will surely do wonders for you, just like it did for pataudi bahu, Kareena Kapoor Khan.  

Whenever mumma gets dressed for any wedding and her jewelry is kept for display to match the ornaments with her outfit. Then do you have this habit to try on the authentic pieces? And see if you’re able to match up with your mother’s beauty. Girls can never grow up in such things and still, loves to try it out.  Then, we recommend you to pick your favorite pieces for your wedding day and wear them like a boss.


   Our fond childhood memories where we put our mother’s makeup and spill the lipstick around our lips and have all the girly fun. And want to revive your childhood memories on the day when you’re going to leave our house and those memories behind. Then, use the same makeup on this special day.

In all the mad rush of getting everything right for D-Day, many would be brides forget the most basic accessories. But, there is someone who you can turn to even at the eleventh hour-your mother.  And anyways, who says you cannot wear your mother’s wrist watch on your wedding.

A bride must-have, anklets are famous for adding that mellifluous feel to the wedding dress. These dainty pieces of jewellery that adorn the feet, though not apparently visible are certainly very important to a bride. If your mum has a beautiful pair of anklets, you can certainly do without buying a new pair for yourself.

If you’re not so fond of wearing those long and edgy heels then you can surely borrow them from your elder sister or a friend who have an awesome collection already.

If you wanna go out of the box, then choose your grandma’s cake recipe for your wedding cake and let all the guests praise her secret recipe. But mind you, don’t spill the beans!

Whatever clicks you, just pick it up and flaunt this priceless stuff at your wedding!

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