Shoe tips and tricks for your wedding day

Good shoes take you good places!

  1. Comfort: Go for shoes you are extremely comfortable with, do check your shoes properly to make sure there is no part of it that might trouble you.

  1. Budget: A lot of people tend to go overboard while shopping for shoes and that’s absolutely fine but don’t go way overboard with your budget and try and stay in limits since you might not use those shoes very often and if you do spend a lot make sure you buy something that you can wear regularly.

  1. Measurement: Buy a size that fits you perfectly and is neither too small nor too big because in such a case the small one might cause shoe bite and the bigger ones would simply make it impossible for you to walk, so if you can’t find something in your size you should skip that one.

  1. Trying them before hand: Don’t keep your shoes to be tried on and walked around in only on your wedding day, wear them before hand to be sure of the fact that they are comfortable.

  1. Spare pair: Keep a spare pair in handy, especially if you are wearing heels, this will help you in emergencies or if your feet start paining

  1. Destination: Always keep in mind your wedding destination while buying your footwear otherwise that could result in wastage and last minute problems.

  1. Heel grips and extra cushion for insoles: Use extra cushion and grips to be extra comfortable and fit better in your shoes, you can find these at any shoe store, they not only help you but they also extend life if your footwear.

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