My Heart Skipped a Beat


“And there comes a day when he will look at you with those twinkling eyes, 

That moment filed with mixed emotions when he says he would spend all his life with you than anyone else

That moment when you realize how much you mean to him

Those words which he spills full of truth 

The feeling which overwhelms your soul,

Because he lets you know you are the one he has been looking for his entire life,

Those counting seconds and minutes become magical not any less than any realistic fairy tale

It is the time when your heart skips a beat!”


It has been exactly thirty-two years of my marriage with my beloved and I still get chills on my spine when I recall that special day. That day when my home was illuminated no less than a palace. The fragrance of the blooming flowers, the melody of every song playing in the background, the hustle-bustle of so many loving souls under one roof. Ahhhh!! I tell you, one feels blessed in an environment like that.

I had just completed my studies and wanted to go further, with working for good causes. It was in a small tea stall where in our times we usually hung out, no CCDs then (laughs) I saw him. He looks cute I whispered to my friend and we both giggled. Two minutes later he came forward and smiled right at me. I nervously smiled back and walked my way. I don’t know why his beautiful face flashed back in my mind every minute and it was weird as I had just caught a glimpse of him.

The next day, my friend didn’t turn up for our ‘regular chai’ session so I was left by myself. As I took my last sips, I heard a ‘hey’. There he was again with those eyes; I couldn’t help but just smile. Maybe that is what happens when destiny has a call for you but you are still unknown to it. He introduced himself and within seconds we were talking and laughing like we had known each other for ages. That is how it all started, it is like you see ‘someone just walks into your life and makes you feel loved and worthy’. Only being loved is not enough but mutual respect and making each other a better human is.

It is a long story here after. We were both living in Delhi, and it had already been around five years we were dating. It was a cold December morning, when a postman rang the doorbell and since I had no cousins in other far places receiving a letter was an alarm. As I opened it, my eyes filled with emotional tears. It was from him. I was always someone who was moved by poems and writings so the letter was his way to propose me for marriage. He wrote

‘My love,

Life has been colorful with you,

It seems like black days were just a darker shade of gray,

Because you simplify my reason to live,

I would be the happiest man alive if you would agree to

Accompany me every day to lazy mornings or an evening tea session.

Please Marry Me!

I am not good of a poet but for you I am willing to outnumber Shakespeare!!

My heart skipped a beat.

It was the best thing I had read in my life. His proposal was not the extravagant one, but the truth and simplicity just overwhelmed me. Letters are special, the person taking out time to think about you, the dedication to take trouble to run miles to post it and the excitement of receiving one. I still have the letter as I had received it in perfect condition ( laughs, I am glad we did not have times where you spill your heart out in a mobile message which can get deleted anytime).

We both talked to our families, initially they were quite unsure but our love made them believe that ‘we were meant to be’.

You see being a bride is the most untouched, pure and a joyful feeling. The bridal dress, the preparations, every minute moment will turn out to be the most cherished memories. My message to all the brides to be:

‘Each of you are beautiful, count your blessings. Enjoy your big day. Laugh, dance, get photographs, enjoy the food and yes, value every moment because the feeling of being a bride is the best feeling in the world’!


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