Modern options for your pre-wedding events

An Indian wedding is a long affair, it doesn’t just start or end with the wedding, there are several events that lead to the wedding like the mehendi or sangeet which are equally ostentatious and brides dress up the same way they would on their wedding day.

Following are a few modern options to look into for you pre wedding events:



  1. The lehenga-gown: The lehenga- gown combines the best of both a traditional lehenga and a gown, it heavy like a lehenga at the bottom with several layers but the top and bottom are stitched together like in a gown.


2.The half-saree look: The half-saree look combine pre-semi-draped saree with a flowy look, it is less structured than a normal saree and is easier to handle.


3.The Kurti and long skirt/ dhoti pants: This has been in trend lately and works especially well for girls who are a little conscious about showing their belly and gives a structured and slimming look.


4.Traditional fabrics and modern designs: Traditional Indian embroidered fabrics add a vintage look to modern designs and look extremely unique and authentic.


5.Mullet hemline: Mullet hemlines make the plain old anarkali’s look fresher and unstructured helping a person look younger and slimmer.


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

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