After the picture perfect  pastel engagement in Mumbai in their traditional Gujarati way and her “Virtual engagement” it literally took over all the newsfeeds.


In less than 5 days, she will marry the love of her life. It goes without saying that she wants her social media family ALL by her side, like they have been, relentlessly, since 6 years. She wants you to experience her emotions the way anyone physically attending will be. She wants you to see her outfits, her makeup, her carefully thought-out look before anyone else does.She wants you all to be there to witness months of planning come alive. And from the enormous response in her social networking sites by the astounding audience surely portrays the love for her in the past years she have been successfully been able to attain.


Last year, during her #MissSfVirtualEngagement, 263 of her followers commented on her post saying you’re attending and nothing could not have made her HAPPIER or more excited, to share her moments of love with her second family.

Her wedding started with a whirl of a pre wedding lunch where everyone was smothered in the colours of love which took place on 29th of January,one of the most prodigious events ever witnessed by the media and audience. Miss Style Fiesta is the perfect twirling bride exuding happiness, colour and joy!


The invite for the special dinner and dance evening on 3rd of February has been uploaded on her account.

She has invited you to an enchanting bohemian rhapsody of mehendi, music and dance on 4th of february on her instagram exquisitely.


The jewellery entrepreneur from Begium and one of India’s pre eminent fashion blogger tieing the knot forever this month and I am sure you cannot miss this one so stay hooked with us for the updates.


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