How to use Flowers at your wedding

Flowers are a very important part of wedding décor but sometimes they can look forced, so to avoid that here are a few tips to introduce flowers in your wedding décor.

 Confirm a booking with your florist early on: Don’t keep the floral arrangements to the last, make sure you book the florist in advance so that you both can have a thorough discussion.

Trust your florist: If a florist suggests going against your choice time and again, listen to the person and trust in the florist and he/she might know best about the kind of flowers that would work in a certain setting.

Make it clear to your florist which kind of flowers: Book your florist only after you have had a discussion with him/her about the kind of flowers you want but don’t be stubborn and listen to the person as to what flowers might work best according to your budget, venue and climate.

Don’t always use them as centerpieces: I know flowers are usually used as centerpieces for tables but use your creativity and take advice from your florist to use the flowers in the best way possible.

Wear them as well: Flowers can be worn as well, use flowers as jewellery in your attire, it will give your look a fresher feel than the heavy traditional jewellery.

Keep a good budget for flowers: Many people forget about flowers while fixing their budgets, so always remember to keep a good part of your budget for them if you want good quality flowers.

Keep the flowers as fresh as possible: Spending a lot on flowers won’t do anything if your flowers look dull and dead, so get them delivered as late as possible and have someone sprinkle them with water as often as needed.


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