How to give your wedding personal touches

Most of the times, every wedding seems the same because of the same old caterers or themes so use the following few tips to make your wedding feel like your own:

Invitation – Add a bit of a personal touch to your wedding invitations by either adding photography or a quote you both love.

Roll in your wedding details with a love note.

Choose your favourite colors and hand print your cards.

 Welcome board–Add a little bit of uniqueness to your welcome board, you can go as creative as you want with it, you can add pictures, or colors or designs, anything that would please you and make the board your own.

Dinner tables–Embellish your dinner tables and put up small placards or small decorations in the center connected to you or something you like.


 Rooms–If you have planned a destination wedding, make arrangements for certain small but significant gifts to be sent to your guest’s room everyday that they are there, these gifts don’t need to be expensive or extravagant but personal and thoughtful.

 Return Gifts –I know return Gifts sound a little like you are going to a kid’s birthday party but they were the part that everybody enjoyed the most, so create small bags to give to your guests when they leave and they’ll remember your D-day for a long time.

 Playlist –Create a playlist of your and your groom’s favourite songs to be played through the event, this will make sure you that you keep tapping your feet even through all the nervousness


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