How to add the perfect glow and glitter to your wedding attire without going overboard.

Every bride wants to be the center of attraction on her wedding day, but many a brides go overboard while doing so, here are a few tips to prevent that:

Choose your bridal dress, lehenga or ensemble first: Your wedding ensemble is the most important so figure that out before you go in to deciding your jewellery and shoes.

Try and go for more delicate jewellery: You may take up one statement necklace and then pick up delicate little items to complement your wedding attire and the statement neck piece this will help prevent an overload of bling.

Wear neutral shoes: With so much going on up there no one really pays attention to your shoes but try and go for a more neutral pair with the tiniest bit of sheen which will add beautifully to your attire rather than going all out which might end up looking out of the place.

Make sure all the pieces are coordinated: After you have decided on your lehenga, jewellery and shoes make sure they are all coordinated and nothing looks especially strange.

Keep in mind the makeup –Coordinate your makeup with your entire ensemble as well, if you are going all out with the ensemble, try and keep it simple and fresh with your makeup and if your ensemble is kind of muted and understated play up with your makeup.

Add a bit of highlighter to your body lotion: Even your skin should glow on the wedding night, to make this happen add a little bit of luminizer to your body lotion or use self-illuminating lotions to make your skin look glowing and healthy.


At last enjoy every bit of it; no one makes a better bride than a happy bride.


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