Guide to 2017 grooms


The Indian weddings become a grand affair, where everyone is there to bless the bride and the groom, it does make a lot of difference. All eyes are on you and ultimately you become the center of attention. Be it the abundance of ceremonies, after-parties or Sangeet nights, it is important that each and every attention to detail must be given so that the groom looks the best and all eyes stay on him. Here we have compiled a guide to 2017 for the grooms to help them look better and will serve their needs perfectly:

  • Check out for accessories: On each of the occasion that is connected to the wedding season, the maximum amount of tension goes towards the bride and the groom. The groom must check out for accessories, even though it has a minimal amount of participation in groom’s entire ensemble, accessories are something that can’t be avoided.



  • Hair care: Before you get prepared for the D-day, hair care is the must. Pay a lot more attention towards your looks, especially hairstyle. You might want to discuss it with your hairdresser or salon expert about keeping it subtle.



  • Beard is in: Maintaining a healthy beard comes within the time frame of preparing yourself for your special day. You wouldn’t want your pictures to come out dull or boring. Talk to a salon expert about taking care of your beard.



  • Skin check: Before you prepare yourself, take good care of your skin. Book an appointment for a facial massage and a clean-up at a salon. You can even go for threading or waxing to make sure that you look pristine.

  • Plan what to wear: There was a time when Indian grooms used to stick to traditional dresses, like Sherwani, Achkan and Kurta Pajama, for their wedding. However, the trend has changed with the passing time. Though the traditional wear is still dominating the scenario, these days, we also see many of the grooms going for western suits as their wedding attire.

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