Essential Pieces of Jewellery for the Indian Bride

Indian brides spent a lot of time looking for jewellery and are confused most of time as to what to buy and not, following are a few essentials you might need for your wedding day:


A beautiful pair of jhumkas can pickup and bring a look together, they are the Indian girl’s wardrobe essential, so it is no wonder that they are a bridal staple too.



A vibrant colorful, gorgeous statement choker will give your attire the extra edge. With the abundant designs available for chokers I’m pretty sure you’ll find a match to your tastes.

A pearl string


Pearls complement chokers very beautifully, they look royal and sophisticated yet at the same time they look modern and contemporary, you can find a variety of shapes and sizes of pearls in the market along with the kind of string you might want.

A Mathapatti


They are basically bejeweled head ornaments, they look absolutely gorgeous and give every bride the princess kind of look, they make a woman appear really elegant and ethnic.

Nose ring


Nose rings are culturally very significant to the Indian brides and they give the bride the quintessential Indian look.



Rings look absolutely stunning and when wore correctly add that extra oomph to the wedding attire.



Who can forget the bangles, whether gold or glass these are absolute favorites if the Indian brides, their colorfulness, the way you can play around with them and they significance in the Indian culture fuel their necessity.

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