When it comes to marriage and proposals, Bollywood has never got us out of sight. Keeping that bling in place, Bollywood celebs have always surprised us by catching the center of attention with gorgeous engagement rings. Well, TBS found out some of the celebs who flashed that ring, leaving us completely awestruck and amazed!

  • Kareena Kapoor Khan: This goes without saying. When Nawab Saif proposed Begum Kareena to marry him, he kept the stakes up by gifting Kareena a breath taking solitaire on her finger. Well, that is something every girl would want!


  • Shilpa Shetty: Well, getting married to a renound businessman has its own perks! Raj Kundra gifted her beautiful wife a 20 carat solitaire worth 3 crores and who would just say no to that!

  • Mira Rajput: The newly-wed happy couple look oh-so-adorable together. Shahid Kapoor poured his love for Mira by gifting her a custom-made solitaire ring worth 23 lakhs. Cute know, isn’t it?


  • Asin Sharma: Earlier known as Asin Thottumukal, her beau Rahul Sharma proposed Asin with a 20 carat solitaire ring worth 6 crore.


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