Tips for your pre-wedding shoot


A flawless wedding is every couple’s dream and to make it the best day of your life, you really have to work hard. Pre wedding shoots are the recent craze of the couples, its like the preface of your wedding, so it should be very impressive and quirky. To make it blissful, follow these simple tips and you can get a bunch of faultless pictures.

  • 1. Always select a unique theme, an appropriate theme choice lifts up the work. Choose a theme which creates strong impression and depicts your story of love.
  • 2. Always remember, your clothes should match with style of pictures you want. Avoid green color dresses, if you have photo shoots in gardens or lawns.
  • 3. Have a proper conversation with your photographer regarding the location, the style of photographs you want and the props. Props create unique and natural photographs, so adding them is always a good option
  • 4. Your makeup plays a very important role, in having flawless pictures. Your makeup should be very natural for pre wedding shoots. If you hire a makeup artist tell him make base that lasts throughout the day. Carry essentials like pressed powder, tissues, blotters, lipstick and hairpins, this helps you to avoid last minute panics. Always keep yourself hydrated before and during the shoot.
  • 5. Avoid stress, panic and oily foods before your shoot, prefer proper sleep and a workout regime, this will give a healthy skin and amazing photographs.

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