A magical love story – #Tanash

“If I get married, I want to be very married,” said Audrey Hepburn and so was the belief of our soon to be the groom, Tanmay’s.They say marriages are made in heaven. As for Tanmay and Ashima, the magical love story began while they were getting bored of studying! Funny right? Actually, that is just why they decided to meet. The spark and magic began at that time have been there ever since. They met, fell in love and they knew that a magic is going to sparkle between them. Unlike any other love story, theirs became a special one. Their love has been inevitable ever since then!

We have an exclusive interview with our handsome groom-to-be and here what he had to say:

So, tell us about your first meeting. How did you guys meet?
I went to Mumbai for my MBA, I was living in there for my studies and she was too. I met Ashima two years ago on October 1st, 2014. While we were getting bored of studies, we decided to meet. We met in a cafè in Mumbai for coffee and things just kept falling into place!
When did you first feel the sparkle?
Ever since we met, it has been so magical! She has been more than just a friend to me. We’ve been together ever since we met. After our second meeting, we went out for partying. We just knew that a magic is going to spark between us. To be honest, she does make me go a little weak in my knees! You know how it is, when you know you have the right person beside you, nothing else matters.
That sounds really beautiful!
So when did you guys plan to get hitched for life? When can we expect the wedding bells ringing?
Okay, so on 24th December, we went together at Steve Aoki’s concert. I proposed to her and she was surprised and shocked.  On 25th December, she did confront her feelings for me and she said YES. Soon actually! We just had one of our ceremonies a month back and our wedding date has been fixed for 2nd September 2017.
You are going to with someone you will keep loving for the rest of your life! Do you have something to say to your bride-to-be and all the couples who are yet to tie the wedding knot? 
Of course! There were obstacles like it is in every relationship but we just knew that we were meant to be together and when you know something like this, you work everything out because you know they are meant to be with you! I think it is normal for most people to have “cold feet” before they get married. I feel that it is completely understandable as marriage is such a life altering commitment. However, this is a feeling that I will never get to experience, rather than being scared of what the future will hold or what could have been without her, I am sitting here completely content with how my life has played out.

Congratulations! We wish you two a lifetime of happiness and love.

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