Thinking of what to wear in a traditional Indian wedding? A beautifully draped sari can be perfect for you.  But draping it in the same old traditional manner can get a bit boring and not so attractive. So here we’ve got 7 fab ways to style your saree that will totally transform you into a diva and you ll get all the eyes on you..

  1. Mermaid style draping: This style works almost all the time. Suitable for almost all body types, the lower portion looks like a skirt since it is draped all the way to give a slimmer look.

  1. Butterfly style draping: A trend that Bollywood is obsessed with, this style ends up showing off the navel or midriff’s visibility. This looks extremely sensuous and makes you look like a glam doll all the way.

  1. Mumtaz style draping: This retro look is still not out of fashion! Though it might not seem very comfortable to many, it still lends oodles of elegance and sensuousness to a newlywed’s look.


  1. Maharashtrian style draping: This definitely brings out the ethnicity of Maharashtrian culture. This saree is usually longer than the original and it looks bold and beautiful if carried in the perfect manner.

  1. Lehenga style draping: Probably the most common saree style draping, Lehenga style can be seen anywhere. It looks elegant and sophisticated and at the same time, it gives the dual touch of both lehenga and saree.


  1. Bengali style draping: A popular culture in Bengalis, this style is simply outstanding and looks ultra-beautiful when worn. This style is best worn with handloom sarees or light cotton sarees.


  1. Guajarati style draping: Take out your silks and rich net sarees for the festive occasions and dress up like royalty with this draping style. The only difference in this style is that unlike others, the pleats are all facing towards the right.

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