2017 Hottest Venues for the Wedding Season

Want the wedding you’ve always dreamt of?  May it be hill-tops or the white sand of beaches; we have all the beautiful places for your perfect wedding! Have a look at this year’s list of the hottest venues for destination weddings!

  1. Hawaii
    Apart from the picturesque views (amazingly enough), there’s plenty of stuff for everyone to enjoy like horseback riding and night-walks on the beach!
  2. Sea Island, Georgia
    This place is known for it’s pristine beaches and clear blue waters! Imagine how’d it be to get hitched nearby!
  3. Florida
    The tropical atmosphere of this place will make your wedding completely memorable!
  4. Las Vegas
    Bold ballrooms, cool restaurants and chic poolside settings, plus hundreds of resorts and hotels that offer wedding packages for every budget, need we say more?
  5. New York City
    The most happening city in the world, the one which never sleeps! What more to discuss!
  6. Caribbean, Bahamas
    Formal, elegant, and the sea, this is one of the most loved destinations!
  7. Europe, Rome, Italy
    This place offers the most admired views for a wedding album!
  8. Thailand
    From the ornate palaces to the rich coral reefs and other wildlife, this place has got it all. Guests will be thrilled to have an excuse to visit this exotic gem

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